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I caught up my two year commission wait list
and I decided not to take any more commissions.
I prefer to work on ...

Wishes Process

      Get in contact with me and let me know what kind of art

  you are interested in (composition, palette & dimensions)

              If those "wishes" are within my wheelhouse....

          It takes me a few weeks to order and receive  materials ,

   then a few weeks to build the frame and stretch the canvas. I say weeks, because I am  working on six or seven                           pieces at any given time  (paintings for other clients and/or store's that sell my work).

                                                            When the surface is ready, I sketch and then start painting!

The whole process generally takes two - four months (usually closer the latter). 

  If that time frame and my way of working appeals to you then just  confirm dimensions,

taking framing into consideration.  A  frame will add anywhere from 1-8 inches, overall.


  In working through wishes, I do not require a deposit  & you will get to have a look at the piece when it is finished.      I understand better than anyone, you need to feel your art and love it.  If the piece doesn't happen to speak to you,                                       that doesn't hurt my feelings one bit and you are under no obligation to purchase it.


        I love this approach and think it is the best of everything - for everyone.


This past year.....


*I do not paint portraits at this time*

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