Pamela Steuart 2019

A little more than a decade ago, I had a mini stroke.

and was left with a little dead spot in the language processing portion of my brain. 

I have always worked in realism but words became an important new direction in my work. 

Often, when I hear words,

I can literally see them floating in the air in front of me and they have no meaning.

Even written words process fully, only after a second reading.


I started painting profound passages of literature, personal letters, poetry, prayers...

Working in layers, scripting the words over and over. 


My current work goes a little deeper.

Liberating letters from words and their meaning.

Letting the flow of the letter form express its own beauty.  


My current palette is simple and nebulous.

Exploring the way paint is absorbed by some textures and floats on the surface of others.


I still take a few commissions

but the work produced through my own instincts is focused in a few distinct directions:

-Still working in realism.

I have come to enjoy combining realism and pattern.

(taking a living object and covering it with a pattern that doesn't occur in the natural world). 


 - Exploring the feel of tranquil traditional and contemporary landscapes

(often juxtaposed with dominating modern forms).


- Choosing words, letters and everyday objects, breaking their form down and

putting those forms back on the canvas in unrecognizable ways.


-Using elements (oil, water, wax, texture, air, heat) as steering influences in my process.

-Lastly and perhaps most often, working in abstract - where language is silenced.

Chasing moments in mediums, through improvised movement.

Creating unconscious connections beyond reality.

I'd rather not impose my own narrative, even in naming my pieces.

The narrative is there, but everyone should experience art through personal interpretation.

Most of my pieces are large in scale and I prefer to work in oil.

Each of my paintings is an original, one of a kind. I do not make or sell prints of my work.

I am much more motivated by the piece and the client, than money or recognition.


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